What Is the Best Investment You Can Make?

Is it in the stock market? Is it in real estate?

I believe that the best investment you can make is to invest in yourself.

What Is Investing In Yourself?

By investing in yourself, I mean taking the time to develop your skills in the workplace. As your skills improve, so your effectiveness improves, so the results in your chosen profession improve, and you have more success in what you do. Consequently, your value in the marketplace goes up. This can result in being rewarded on your job with promotion or pay, and in you becoming eligible for more senior roles or business opportunities.

I work in the IT industry, helping business that have reached some kind of ceiling in their IT capability, and need help to break through to another level, in a cost-effective manner. I have been doing this for 20 years. What I find with every company, is that there is a significant gap between the IT Management skillsets, and the IT Executive skillsets. There seems to be an expectation that you have to learn by experience, rather than by skilled coaching and mentoring. And there is a lack of general academic material to help folks with their career development in this area.

That is why I wrote my latest book – “Bringing Order Out of Chaos in IT”. The goal is to help IT people wanting to move up through the ranks to CIO and CTO positions, by introducing a broad range of common challenges that they will face and providing paths through those challenges. These are not just academic answers, but these are solutions that I have successfully applied again and again.

Along with the academic material, I have also included details of my experiences in those areas, so you can learn from what I have gone through, the good and the bad, without having to experience it yourself. You can gain the highlights of 20 years of successful IT consulting experience at the senior Executive level, just by reading a book!

Book Topics

Bringing Order Out of Chaos in IT
  • Outline Roadmap for Bringing Order out of Chaos in IT
  • Day 1 – Where are things at?
  • Emergency Measures
  • Short Term Improvements – Planning and Governance
  • Medium Term Improvements – Development & Estimating
  • Long Term Improvements – Establishing Vision & Strategy
  • Mergers & Acquisitions – Opportunity Knocks
  • The Joys of Outsourcing
  • Modernizing Legacy Software Without Breaking the Bank
  • Innovation – The Key to Increasing Revenue
  • Creating a Technical Career Path
  • Efficient Engineering
  • Learning from Mistakes – ODC
  • Basic Management Concepts
  • Leadership Versus Management
  • Dealing with Impossible Staff
  • Politics, Politics, Politics
  • Etc.

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For over 15 years, Greg Knight, Founder and CEO of IT Done Right LLC, has performed CIO & CTO roles for international PLCs as well as small private companies. Greg holds seminars, speaking events, and individual consulting engagements, as well as serving as an embedded leader in interim CIO/CTO and IT Executive roles. He works alongside your current teams to take your company to a whole new level, assisting with strategy, innovation, best-practice and leadership, to drastically improve effectiveness, performance and cost efficiency.

He is a former IBM Consultant, author of the book "Bringing Order Out of Chaos in IT", and he has over a dozen patents on major products & technologies.