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Greg Knight, Founder & CEO of IT Done Right, is an IT Management Consultant, Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker, Inventor, and Executive Coach. He is a Former Aerospace AIT Engineer & IBM Consultant. He specializes in Transforming IT organizations to facilitate business growth.

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For over 15 years, Greg has performed CIO & CTO roles for international PLCs as well as small private companies. Greg holds seminars, speaking events, and individual consulting engagements, as well as serving as an embedded leader in interim CIO/CTO and IT Executive roles. He works alongside your current teams to take your company to a whole new level, assisting with strategy, innovation, best-practice and leadership, to drastically improve effectiveness, performance and cost efficiency.

He is a former IBM Consultant, author of the book "Bringing Order Out of Chaos in IT", and he has over a dozen patents on major products & technologies.